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Did you hear...?

(Image source: Josh Bowell)

I'm writing this on the morning after Joe Biden was finally confirmed as the 46th President-elect of the United States.

It is also the first time in over five months that I have had the mental buoyancy to write a blog.

This will be a fairly short post though - but I wanted it to sit as a reminder of where my head is this morning, over and above the last four years:


Right now, I'm happy.

This morning I have learnt both the definition and practice of 'joyscrolling' - if you are anywhere near a device, I can only heartily recommend it.

Sure, there will be caveats to come - they've already started - I don't think Biden is going to be the best president; but he will as sure as shit be better than Trump.

Coronavirus has not gone away - and it could well get worse over the winter.

The Conservative government is still a slippery snake, burying the admittedly positive outcome of yet another BoJo U-turn, right in the middle of the Presidential results being announced.

At least 70 million people still voted for Trump. Whilst Trump will go away, populism will not.

And yet, I'm still typing this. I'm still riding high this morning on a wave of cautious positivity.

In a few months time, my only reaction to the phrase 'did you hear what Trump said?' will hopefully be selfishly enjoying a truly poisonous man getting his comeuppance - even if that is simply screaming into obscurity.

Winter is going to be tough - I heartily recommend stocking up on as much of those good feelings as you can - so we make sure we all come out on the other side.

Take a moment.


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