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Objects in Time

If you asked me what I did last weekend, I would have to stop and look at my Google Calendar, and then go ‘oh yeah - that is what I did’, and memories would come back. For more significant events, like weddings, I like to take tangible objects from those occasions, and keep a hold of them. - This year I have been to four weddings (fingers-crossed, no funerals), and pictured are four objects that I took away from those events. Each anchor those events in my mind: First there is the ‘diamond’ that my cousin’s daughter sold to me at my other cousin’s wedding; that links me to the family that were at the wedding - the images of the venue; my bedroom accessed by the bookshelf; the jam & honey I was gifted by the venue to give to my parents who couldn’t be there; the dancing; the plate of chips; and the friends of my cousin who had smuggled in bourbon biscuits. Then came my school-friend Vicky’s wedding in the almost surreal setting of St. Paul’s cathedral. H