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Theory of Epicality

Formulated in the dying hours of Friday 17th July, 2009 – the Theory of Epicality was specifically inspired by listening to Metal, walking home from work in the blistering rain {6.2 on the Epic Scale}; and generally inspired by the abundance of references to epicness on the new crucible of definition; the interwebs. General Theory of Epicality Anything, be it perceived to be bad/good or have a positive/negative effect; can be rated on the Epic Scale. The Epic Scale Conventional use of the Epic Scale operates between 0 and 11. Although exceptions have been recorded, at times of extreme epicness. < 1 Micro - Barely noticeable instance of epicness. Only noticed by trained epicticians. 1-2.9 Minor - Epic occurance that is taken in the individual’s stride. 3-4.9 Light - A glimpse of epicness that is visible to the people around you. 5-6.9 Moderate - Moments of epicness occurring within the context of every day life. 7-8.9 Strong - Prolonged period of epi