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Hello Blogness My Old Friend

I used to think that loneliness was next to godliness.

And by that I am referring to my philosophical foundations of ultimately being alone; and being true to that reflection of existence. Because - ultimately - yours is the only life you truly experience, so everything else is a pleasant bonus.

What this waffling actually meant was that I would be happiest alone, weaving an existence that flitted between hobbies/interests/friendship groups and I felt safe and secure.

I think looking back that serenity was in part down to having a stable friendship group, but only needing good friends and nothing ‘more’.

That started to change four years ago now, when the idea of forming a more direct close relationship with another person, not only became appealing, but it became part of my emotional make-up.

For the first time in my life, the desire to be part of something with a specific other person ruled my decisions and - at times - every waking thought.


Of course the reality of human relationships s…