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Land of Confusion

There is a theory - he says in a voice loaded with pretentiousness not unlike Adam Curtis’ work (thereby alienating either those of you who have watched his work and don’t approve; or haven’t heard of him) - that nobody really knows what is going on. I’m going to confuse things even more by disrupting my actual point in this blog by taking time to post the initial inspiration for this post: Now I do enjoy Curtis’ presentation style, but don’t necessarily buy into all of his often breathtaking assertions (although ‘ All Watched Over By Machines of Love and Grace ’ was my watershed introduction; and ‘ Bitter Lake ’ is pretty terrifying). What I do know is that this wasn’t really the aim of this article, to talk about the big geopolitical stuff; it was to try and express the difficulty I am having responding to what is going on on a daily basis. I actually can’t begin to list the tragedies that are occurring on a seemingly daily basis - Nice and Turkey seem