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To Be Honest

As my component parts began to awake from their slumber this morning, the prevalent stream of consciousness in my head at the time, resulted in a three part tweet on Twitter – which is usually an albeit fleeting way in which I make comment on something about my life experience that I feel is worth noting. Without the luxury of being able to travel back in my experience and reacquaint myself with the particular frame of mind I was in this morning (FYI that’s impossible), I am left to try and retrospectively analyse what on earth I was on about. And here’s my theory (my theory that it is): ‘Honesty is the best policy’, they say. [Now who ‘they’ are is oft debated in these pseudo-witty asides, but on this occasion I think we’ll just assume that ‘they’ are the collective wisdom of localised experience in social interactions. Or Donald & Simone if you prefer.] My 3 tweets started off talking about a ‘social window’ in which to be open with friends. This was less about being out and