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Too Much Information

I’m not built to operate with a constant influx of changing information. Ironic, given that the universe is made up nothing *but* change; but let’s skip the metaphysical here: Every morning I check my Twitter feed, Reddit, Facebook, BBC News - obvious discussion about a personal bubble goes here - and there is so much to take in. Mainly because every time I go to sleep, about 4 billion(?) people have the tenacity to carry on with their lives; and some of them are in a position of power to do something that affects the way the world ‘works’. Currently my bubble is dominated by the antics of the questionably-haired fuckwit at the head of the largest democracy on the planet (#MuslimBan, if future species are wondering what specific event in the last days of humanity I’m referring to - although that seems to have been blocked by the supreme court). My particular bubble is focusing on the protests taking place in US airports about this - evidently some lawyers are w


If there is one aspect of the idea of Post-Truth that I am comfortable with, and that is the idea there is no such thing as facts. Right. Initial inflammatory statement made; how to continue? If you want to skip ahead to the part where I regain sense and reason, head to the All that said section below. If you want a little journey inside my head, simply follow on below… So here’s the Platonic dialogue that I ran through in the shower this morning: BeardyMan No such thing as facts eh? Well how about this one: London is the capital of England. GingerDan Alright. Is it also the capital of the United Kingdom? BeardyMan Er… let me get back to you on that one. But it is definitely the case that London is the capital of England. GingerDan Yes, but what does that actually mean? BeardyMan Well… it means that is where all the key stuff for a country happens. Like government, GingerDan So you are saying that all gover