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Half A Dream Away

Aside from having one of the finest character introductions on film in recent memory , another ingenious aspect of Pirates of the Caribbean was one of its plot-driving devices - that of Jack Sparrow’s compass. Jack Sparrow True enough, this compass does not point north. Elizabeth Swann …Where does it point? Jack Sparrow It points to the thing you want most in this world. And, dotted at points throughout the Pirates films, there is always a moment where Captain Jack takes the compass out, and it is simply free-spinning, indicating that - at that particular moment - whoever holds the compass has no idea what they want at that point in time. Ladies and Gentlemen; welcome to the somewhat laboured metaphor for my life in the last year or so. My life has no direction. In part this is nothing new - I have always (and maybe will always have) no real drive to achieve something in particular in my life. And by that I mean academically/careeringly (hah, I used a different