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Afraid to Talk

This may seem like the most obvious statement in the history of anything, but conversation is the only way in which we can put across our world view. [And by ‘world view’ I don’t just mean our philosophies/beliefs about Life, The Universe and Everything; I also mean what you thought of that episode of a TV series you watched, what you made of the food you’ve just eaten, etc.] You could argue that there are other ways in which you can communicate - art is often cited as one such medium - but how can you communicate something without the context of words, about a piece of music/painting/sculpture etc. Whilst I’m sure this has been attempted - a piece of music written expressly to convey a person’s feelings about another piece of music they have heard - I don’t believe that can be successful as it relies on the narrative in the composer’s head being successfully interpreted by the listener. Now I am fully aware that even putting words around the piece of music (say in t


In November it has been (not all on the same date): British Sausage Week World Diabetes Day Alcohol Awareness Week Movember Transgender Awareness Week and (I kid you not) Counter-Terrorism Awareness Week Now there will be a myriad of reasons why these events exist - reasons of health, reasons of commerce, reasons of security, reasons of education, and so on - but one the reasons is to raise awareness. And some are done in a lighthearted vein; British Sausage Week is a harmless(?) commercial drive to push British Produce ™ and give something for breakfast DJs to have a lighthearted segment about: Movember is a lighthearted way of raising funding for some more serious issues. Others are born out of necessity - Alcohol Awareness Week is one way the strain on the NHS can be tackled (IE stop drinking so much - it hospitalises you) and presumably Counter-Terrorism Awareness Week is designed to remind us to help fight in the war on terror, by questioning all forms of u