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My Monologue

Write a monologue, they said. Jot down, on a few sides of A4, all that you think of the world. Tell us how you see things. Tell us what you feel. Tell us why, in 17 words or less, why the current political situation can be defined metaphorically as a darker shade of brown. Tell us how long it is since you last had sex. But do it discreetly. Like, as part of an innuendo, or a clever pun. When you write your monologue, they said, let it be witty. But cunning too. With a hint of danger, and……surprise! Make sure you tell a good joke. It’ll relax the audience. The humour will soften the blow of the extreme political statement later on. Although, don’t tell the one about the dwarf with learning difficulties: It’s not big, and it’s not clever. Begin to build up the pace, A monologue has to keep time. Yet, try not to lose face, By having more than one line that… …sounds like another. Develop the narrative further. This also draws the audience in. Keep them inv