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Unfortunately for me, a combination of AmDram commitments this week, and a training course Down South next week, meant my annual dabble into the Leeds Film Fest was limited to just three films this year. Here are my hot-off-the-press-and-probably-not-entirely-thought-through reviews… Victoria I’ll start with the one most fresh in my mind [it played this evening]. As a technical and artistic exercise, Victoria is very, very impressive. Shot in one single take over nearly two-and-a-half hours (and I believe the take they used for the film was only their third or fourth), it follows the story of the eponymous girl who has seemingly little to lose as she falls in with a gang of men she meets outside a Berlin night club, and seems complicit in going along with their plans late that night/early that morning. Whilst this film was a tense thriller; most of that for me was an uncomfortable feeling right from the start that Victoria should not have got caught up in the scenario she did, and wh