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Cats! A-ah! Saviours of the universe! Cats! A-ah! They’ll save ev’ry one of us! Seemingly there is no reason for these extraordinary intergalactic upsets. Only Dr Hans Zarkov, formerly at KiteKat, has provided any explanation. What’s happening Cats? Cats! A-ah! They’re a miracle! This mornings unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for alarm. Cats! A-ah! Kings of the impossible! They’re for ev’ry one of us Stand for ev’ry one of us They’ll save with a mighty paw, ev’ry man, ev’ry woman, ev’ry child with a mighty MIAOW! General Kala. Felix the Cat approaching. What do you mean Felix the Cat approaching?! Open fire! All weapons! Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body! Cats! A-ah! Felix’s alive! Cats! A-ah! They’ll save ev’ry one of us! Just a cat, with a cat’s courage. They know nothing but a cat. But they can never fail. No cat but the pure in heart, may find the golden grahams… Oh, oh, oh, oh. Cats! Cats! You know I love you! But we only h