In January of this year (do you remember January...?), I went through a break-up.

Okay. It was a short-lived relationship anyway; we tried something and it didn't work out.

But what was particularly tough about it, was that I thought it was all going so well: And the decision was made out of my control. The worst-type of decision, but a decision I have come to accept and make peace with.

Now that sounds overly dramatic; but that wasn't to be the last time this year that circumstances beyond my control had a direct impact on my quality of life.

Am I really using a recent break-up as a cheap way of introducing -  metaphorically - the current world situation?
Well yes, yes I am. I mean - *gestures at literally everything*
Buckle up.

2020 Vision

Given that most people are still operating on a Gregorian calendar, I thought I would borrow a current popular phrase and speak to what I am looking forwards with, at this point in time.

And - specifically - how I am planning on achieving this.

Talking About Cancer

This will be brief, with more fully-formed thoughts to follow.

Obviously this post is going to be talking about cancer, so if that isn't for you today - please click away.

Was It All A Dream?

A dream is a succession of images, idea, emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntary in the mind during certain stages of sleep.
At leas so begins the article on Wikipedia...

In which case, a few months ago I had a quite spectacular dream..

It started as I drifted to sleep with a partner in a bedroom in Oxfordshire...

We were both driven in a taxi, with a lizard for a driver, to a large building known as 'Heath's Row'; where we relaxed with free food and drinks for a few hours, before being taken by conveyor to a large rounded tube with fins, that flew across an entire ocean.

Once the ocean had been crossed, we were greeted by a fiery-eyed horse and dramatic lightning/lighting; and also by ever kind of cab driver - none of whom were originally from where we now were.

After taking spicy chicken treats from Wendy who's name was not Wendy, we then drifted to an apartment who's door did not work previously (yet still opened), and now opened and worked.

I Am Pretty Angry Right Now

This will be more of a Public Service Announcement than my usual blog, but it's important I put this out there.

I'm pretty angry for two reasons:

1) Quite simply, the current political climate in the UK. I'm not going to go into much detail on here, because I suspect a large number of you reading this are already way ahead of me.
But - in short (and most currently; I am sure there will be more in the months and years to come) - when the current Prime Minister is found to have behaved unlawfully by the highest court in the land; and - rather than admit a fault, maybe even apologise - he has decided to publicly disagree with the court's decision, and allowed the questioning of an institution that cannot fight back.
He has also allowed rhetoric in the House of Commons, which is inevitably spilling out into the press and into the minds of some hardline Brexiteers, which will not only foster division amongst the population - but potentially endanger the lives of MPs. Not …

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I've been sat watching the wonderful #MoonLaunchLive on Channel 4, and it has just struck me how space endeavours are one of my favourite things; seemingly Apollos 11 and 13 in particular.

And I don't just mean I think they're cool; they seem to really connect to me. I had proper goosebumps when watching this show, as I did watching 'First Man' and 'Apollo 13'. And '2001: A Space Odyssey' for that matter.

So I thought I'd take some time and list a few of my favourite things:

Early Spaceflight

As mentioned in my introduction, my spine tingles whenever I encounter something that puts me in awe of the vastness of space.
No better narrative would seem to be that of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, or - just as equally - the Apollo 13 near disaster.

The dramatic retelling of these via 'First Man' and the appropriately titled 'Apollo 13' are two terrific films; and I should take this one step further and go watch 'Apollo 11' real so…

Critical Mass Debating

The other week, one of my WhatsApp groups of friends ended up in a lively discussion, and I wanted to try and record the tangled web of threads that came up in the conversation, and why I struggle to hold a meaningful debate - especially in a group.

So this will be less about the issue at the core of the discussion, and more about my supplementary thought processes during the development of the constructive arguments.

(If you were part of that discussion, I apologise for mangling the nuances of the debate - as I say; this post is more about trying to understand what was going on in my head throughout it/when I'm debating in general - and the various threads of thought that got tangled together)


So, in essence, the debate began by someone questioning the need for the CEO of a charity to take home so much money (in terms of pay).

I believe this was initially a moral question - which I interpreted as 'if you're doing good things, you shouldn't need to be paid hundreds …