The Gift That Keeps on Giving?

This Christmas just gone I spent £459.32 on presents. It will surprise approximately none of you to know that I know this because I have a spreadsheet of everything I bought.

Money is paradoxically only quantifiable in itself. Meaning, I don't know what some of those words mean.
But also meaning I have no idea if you reading this feel like that's a lot of money, or not very much; or 'sounds about right'; or all of the above, depending on the context of the gifts, and who received them.

Which is an odd thought to have about presents. Or at least the socially accepted tradition of gift-giving at both Christmas and Birthdays, which is part of the world in which I have been brought up.

Tara Tumblr!

Obligatory 'first' post on a new platform...

Following the realisation that Tumblr was disappearing down the Conservative alleyways it's conglomerate parents hinted at a few years ago, I have 'jumped ship' and looked to the definitely-not-evil-Google multiverse, and found Blogger.

My Tumblr fears were confirmed by their spectacular failure to support the adult blogging network and support mechanism that had flourished on their platform - all because WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN - whilst simultaneously ignoring the blatant racism and violence-based journals that can easily be found still on the site.

So in a move partly out of solidarity, but also because I'd like to consolidate my corporate eggs into one totally-free-and-not-at-all-evil basket please.

So here we are - Blogger. Hopefully my domain names will redirect shortly; and lo a new journey begins on a new platform.

The Beginning of the End

(NB: This is a post about leaving Facebook)

Up until recently I already had a limited relationship with Facebook. My news feed was muted, and I only occasionally visited feeds of groups of friends, to catch up on news.

In fact, its main purpose was two-fold:

1)Actively manage/participate in Events
2)Repost my Twitter feed onto Facebook

Facebook has now stopped doing the latter, so my thoughts on Twitter (which are my stream of consciousness) are no longer transferred onto my Facebook wall.
This automatic re-post used to mean when I logged onto Facebook, my notifications were invariably my friends not on Twitter, posting something in response to my Twitter thoughts. Often fun interactions (as on Twitter).
Facebook have stopped this happening.

Whilst it would (selfishly) be ‘incredibly convenient’ for those of you that occasionally interact with my Twitter content via Facebook to sign-up to Twitter and follow me, I realise that is an unreasonable ask!

Though, if the urge takes you :D -…

Processing On The Fly

And so in the latest display of what a shit-show the world is turning out to be, the hashtag #metoo has been trending on Twitter today.

I’m attempting to process that, and no doubt making a mess of it, so as I am likely to be one unnecessary voice on the subject, I’d suggest you stop reading.

As I understand it, this hashtag has emerged as a painful reminder (and - unfortunately for most - a revelation) that sexual assault in various forms is far far more common than perhaps is widely reported - certainly the evidence is overwhelming.

Instinctively, this is an important subject of discussion. No question. It really feels like this is something that needs to be rooted out, challenged, expunged from the modern world; and yet already I am floundering. I feel bad for making this post that is not purely about this issue - I feel like I am not giving this attention the full attention it deserves.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything stopped, and all everyone talked about over the course of t…