Selective Dissonance

I am thinking about and posting this blog as I watch the live stream of Dragon capsule 'Endeavour' carrying it's human crew (and Tremor the dinosaur! First dino in space! Take that extinction meteor!) towards the International Space Station.
What was particularly exciting was seeing the capsule fly overhead from just outside my house.
As I've posted before, I love space stuff like this!
What I haven't been thinking too much about, or posting about has been the situation on the ground in the USA - arising from the killing of George Floyd.
And I am far from qualified to comment on the nuances of the whole situation; but clearly there are all kinds of wrong things occurring now (as they have done for years and years; this is just the latest in a seemingly never-ending list of race-based injustices), which is as unsettling as ever.
It has been interesting to see how there is obviously a coordinated effort across Nasa/SpaceX to avoid mentioning anything about the Minnesota…

I Predict a Bon Mot

It is certainly a bold time to be making predictions; when the whole COVID-19 situation could hardly be considered to be approaching anything such as 'over'.

And yet - what else am I going to occupy myself with, on another Sunday(?) afternoon - than making wildly speculative motions in the direction of the unpredictable future?!


And the outlook is particularly bleak. In fact I don't recommend reading on; this is mainly to exorcise my own thoughts; with the only consolation being that I can always go "I told you so..." at some unspecified time in what we currently laughingly refer to as 'The Future'.


Very little will change.

Okay that's not true at certain practical levels; shopping will always be a practical inconvenience for the physical necessities at supermarkets; much more other shopping will be enforced to being online only; the workplace especially will be significantly transformed - to being a place you drop in once in a while to catch-up …

I Don't Know What To Do

There's nothing like watching a fresh video from Philosophy Tube in the bath, to bring you down in times like these.

Not because the content of the video was particularly depressing - as ever the topics are lit up with Ollie's infectious whimsical spin; and the eventual conclusion is that - yes, the universe is a dark meaningless void; but by being creative you are directly rebelling against that.

And I like rebellion.

Have I mentioned that I have created an entire creative framework in which to challenge the absolute fundamentals of society?

In fact I spent this morning drafting the first annual financial report from the Department of the Treasury (aren't you all excited?!), which tickles both the MoGian heart of my operation, and the excel nerd within me.

But even this leaves me a little lost.


Rebellion is typically against the status quo, and the status is most certainly not 'quo' these days.

Which is news to absolutely nobody reading this in all but the earl…

Ten Albums

Strange times indeed; even so that I am regressing to a Live Journal-esque state on here and following the suggestion set forth by one of my friends on The Socials...

I believe the idea is to choose 10 albums that greatly influenced my taste in music; and I will be crediting those who brought me to each of them:

What began my musical journey. Thank you Andy C.
It is only now, completing this blog entry, that I realise what an influence this had on my classical favourites. Thank you Cousin Anne.
Another soundtrack, but this time laying the foundation for the bombastic symphonies soon to come - and my first Zimmer... Cheers Mr Paulos!
The person who nominated me above, had more than returned the favour by introducing me to the wonderful worlds of Nightwish. Much obliged Andy D.
Turns out metal can be shouty AND fun. Danke Shell.
The gateway drug to Ayreon, Devin Townsend and so much more. Thank you both, Will and Mike.
So much beauty in sadness. Ultimately I can't recall who to cred…


In January of this year (do you remember January...?), I went through a break-up.

Okay. It was a short-lived relationship anyway; we tried something and it didn't work out.

But what was particularly tough about it, was that I thought it was all going so well: And the decision was made out of my control. The worst-type of decision, but a decision I have come to accept and make peace with.

Now that sounds overly dramatic; but that wasn't to be the last time this year that circumstances beyond my control had a direct impact on my quality of life.

Am I really using a recent break-up as a cheap way of introducing -  metaphorically - the current world situation?
Well yes, yes I am. I mean - *gestures at literally everything*
Buckle up.

2020 Vision

Given that most people are still operating on a Gregorian calendar, I thought I would borrow a current popular phrase and speak to what I am looking forwards with, at this point in time.

And - specifically - how I am planning on achieving this.

Talking About Cancer

This will be brief, with more fully-formed thoughts to follow.

Obviously this post is going to be talking about cancer, so if that isn't for you today - please click away.