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Ten Albums

Strange times indeed; even so that I am regressing to a Live Journal-esque state on here and following the suggestion set forth by one of my friends on The Socials... I believe the idea is to choose 10 albums that greatly influenced my taste in music; and I will be crediting those who brought me to each of them: What began my musical journey. Thank you Andy C. It is only now, completing this blog entry, that I realise what an influence this had on my classical favourites. Thank you Cousin Anne. Another soundtrack, but this time laying the foundation for the bombastic symphonies soon to come - and my first Zimmer... Cheers Mr Paulos! The person who nominated me above, had more than returned the favour by introducing me to the wonderful worlds of Nightwish. Much obliged Andy D. Turns out metal can be shouty AND fun. Danke Shell. The gateway drug to Ayreon, Devin Townsend and so much more. Thank you both, Will and Mike. So much beauty in sadnes


In January of this year (do you remember January...?), I went through a break-up. Okay. It was a short-lived relationship anyway; we tried something and it didn't work out. But what was particularly tough about it, was that I thought it was all going so well: And the decision was made out of my control. The worst-type of decision, but a decision I have come to accept and make peace with. Now that sounds overly dramatic; but that wasn't to be the last time this year that circumstances beyond my control had a direct impact on my quality of life. Am I really using a recent break-up as a cheap way of introducing -  metaphorically - the current world situation? Well yes, yes I am. I mean - *gestures at literally everything* Buckle up.