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Imagine That

It has recently been suggested to me that I am a Solipcist. Assuming this wasn’t some form of sexual deviancy slang, I duly nodded politely and waited for an opportune moment to look up Solipsism on Wikipedia . Now the very fact that I had to look up something that – in a solipsistic world – I must have already known and created already in my imagination, otherwise – as part of the external world – the definition can’t be said to actually exist; this is a pretty good way to start disproving Solipsism altogether. However. Solipsism has been a useful method of Philosophy for me, and is an important phase to go through (to my mind…). Originating from the initial doubts shared by the likes of Descartes, questioning just exactly what is real is an important route to the inner thinkings of Ultimate Philosophy . But assuming you have better things to be doing on a Sunday afternoon than running through a suspiciously simple set of Philosophical principles, I will take y