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Tara Tumblr!

Obligatory 'first' post on a new platform... Following the realisation that Tumblr was disappearing down the Conservative alleyways it's conglomerate parents hinted at a few years ago, I have 'jumped ship' and looked to the definitely-not-evil-Google multiverse, and found Blogger. My Tumblr fears were confirmed by their spectacular failure to support the adult blogging network and support mechanism that had flourished on their platform - all because WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN - whilst simultaneously ignoring the blatant racism and violence-based journals that can easily be found still on the site. So in a move partly out of solidarity, but also because I'd like to consolidate my corporate eggs into one totally-free-and-not-at-all-evil basket please. So here we are - Blogger. Hopefully my domain names will redirect shortly; and lo a new journey begins on a new platform.