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Critical Mass Debating

The other week, one of my WhatsApp groups of friends ended up in a lively discussion, and I wanted to try and record the tangled web of threads that came up in the conversation, and why I struggle to hold a meaningful debate - especially in a group. So this will be less about the issue at the core of the discussion, and more about my supplementary thought processes during the development of the constructive arguments. (If you were part of that discussion, I apologise for mangling the nuances of the debate - as I say; this post is more about trying to understand what was going on in my head throughout it/when I'm debating in general - and the various threads of thought that got tangled together) - So, in essence, the debate began by someone questioning the need for the CEO of a charity to take home so much money (in terms of pay). I believe this was initially a moral question - which I interpreted as 'if you're doing good things, you shouldn't need