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Displacement Paranoia

Arthur Dent: You know, this explains a lot. Because all my life, I’ve had this unaccountable feeling in my bones that something sinister was happening in the universe and that no one would tell me what it was. Slartibartfast: Oh, no. That’s just perfectly normal paranoia. Everyone in the universe has that. There are occasionally times - that I hope everyone has - that you find yourself feeling a little unsettled; not in an ‘oh crikey this is only going to end badly’ scenario - but you just find yourself with a bit of spare thinking time and your brain decides to mess with you. Just a little bit. One way I find of inducing this is to be driving back from seeing a comedy gig across the Pennines on the M62 [the driving location that is, not the gig], with the Watchmen soundtrack playing at full blast. I find Pruit Igoe and Prophecies the most effective track for rounding the summit of the highest motorway in England. And tonight just happened to be that scenario, having being most e

A to Z of Great 21st Century Films

“ A while ago ” (apparently more than a year!), I drew up a list of Great 21st Century films. And almost immediately, it was gently (and inevitably) pointed out that I’d forgotten some… So in commemoration of my viewing of Interstellar later, here is a more comprehensive list. Because, LISTS! * - 28 Days Later {many many zombies later}; (500) Days of Summer {because Zooey}; 8 Women {French femme fatales} A - Adapatation {written genius}; A History of Violence {that’s no Aragorn}; Almost Famous {mythical rock and roll coming-of-age}; Amelie {fabulous French fantasy}; Aristocrats (The) {the dirtiest joke - and my introduction to Sarah Silverman}; A Royal Affair {period perfection}; Atonement {exactly as the title says} B - Bandits {old school Hollywood old guard fun}; Be Kind Rewind {brilliant remix}; Bourne (trilogy, The) {superb spying}; Black Book {roll over Verhoven}; Black Snake Moan {Ricci & revalation}; Borat {yakshemash!}; Bubba Ho-Tep {Bruce almighty}; Buffalo So