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I’m Thinking of Quitting Facebook

A simple statement to make; and I certainly would have believed once upon a time; a simple thing to do. But once I think about it, it does not seem so simple a thing to carry out. - Let me start by stating that this is not a response to all my previous criticisms of Facebook – surrounding privacy and such forth – whilst those may underly some of my thought patterns on the matter, my reasoning is more fundamental. The internet is a great tool. I could maybe even argue it is the greatest. Like many of you; I embraced it in my teens, as this exciting cyber world grew up around me. Through university it is fair to say the majority of my friends were online – and in fact most of my ‘local’ friends also socialised with me more online. But that was because the internet was fresh and exciting; free from the structure of the real world around us – my creative side exploded with websites galore and IRC chat bots. I could battle space aliens with my fellow Master Chiefs one