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Humanity! You’re Doing It Wrong!

I think most of us are in agreement by now, that life is a finite experience – over the course of which you build up experiences, and you make your decisions and get on with the whole damn thing. You’ll probably have also noticed that there are lots of other people living their lives, and doing things in different ways. However, I’ve come to the realisation that a lot of things aren't set up this way – rather than a continuous evolving/developing consciousness – society seems to resist change greatly: There are plenty of rules and regulations inherent in day to day life that are inflexible, or even have no logic behind them any more, after so many years of ‘just being like that’. An obvious example would be religion in the traditional sense – Same stories, rules, ideas, etc.; handed down over the generations, with little room for consideration of the developing world. Obviously many religious groups are hastily changing tack on this – e.g. the Catholic Church r