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The Human Condition

My what a pretentious title. Even the picture is mildly pretentious [although this is basically what you get when you search for “the human condition” in google images, and ask for Exactly… 630x250 in size]. So what’s it all about? Well this is a recurring theme that keeps coming back to me, and - for no obvious reasons - was at the front of my mind this morning. A long time ago in a mental state not too far away, I came to the logical conclusion that I couldn’t ultimately share my life with someone else; because of the infinite impossibility that person can never experience directly what you experience - it is always an inferred experience. And vice-versa. Ad infinitum for everyone you ever meet. But of course people do have relationships - I’m sure that has barely escaped anyone’s attention; be it from the broader and less defined social relationships (close friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, everything in between), to the more elusive romantic relationshi