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Great 21st Century Films

Apropos of nothing more than the usual banter between friends a few Tuesday nights back, the question was raised of “truly great films since 2000”. The ones that - at least in 50 years time towards the end of my estimated lifetime - could truly be held up as “classics”. So for the indulgence of nothing more than revisiting a few old favorites, here is my list of 10 in nothing more than alphabetical order: Almost Famous (2000) No other film can sum up perfectly for me that feeling of breaking away from childhood; growing up in a few respects and the often mystical quality that - at least I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter - one or two women posses. Happily set in a fictional-but-informed hey-dey of Rock and Roll, following the almost-coherent (indeed almost-famous(!)) mechanics of a travelling rock and roll show - Stillwater, and their entourage led in part by the enigmatic Miss Penny Lane. With a soundtrack featuring a then rare appearance by Led Zep, amongst other gre