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Facebook: A Final Solution

So you’ve seen the latest update to Facebook, and you don’t like it. Yes, there have been many more tweaks and updates in the past which you haven’t liked for a while, then got used to; but THIS ONE – THIS one takes the final jaffa cake. - Okay then. Remove yourself from Facebook. Go on. It’s not (too) difficult. Except that if you have had this thought of leaving Facebook, like I have; you will immediately be deluged by something along the lines of the following thoughts: But it’s how I keep in touch with most of my friends It’s how I observe the subtle nuances to my friends’ lives and I feel more connected that way It’s how I know what events are happening It’s how I keep up to date with all the news about my favourite artist/band/director/films/tv shows/cats And it goes on. - For me there is something inherently unsettling about the fact that Facebook has so much of an influence on how I conduct my social life; and yet I find it almost impossible