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Learning the Language

Let it not be said he shied away from exploring that which he did not understand. ~ Someone, Probably So I had an interesting experience earlier in the week, which - as is often the case with these experiences - played on my mind for a good while after the event. Which has resulted in me writing up this article in a bid to get a better understanding of that experience and a variety of points that came spinning out of it. As with most of my articles, these are pretty much articulated-stream-of-consciousness so please attempt to engage in intelligent discourse as a result, not judge this to be my final position. This started with a mundane event - my car going in for service and MOT - and, joy-of-joys; it failed on a number of points resulting in an unexpected bill just shy of four figures. Coming off the back of an expensive January (also included an unexpected boiler repair), and - more importantly - right off the back of the high of my 30th; this was a kick in th