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Folks, I am at a crossroads in my life right now. I’m not talking literally of course; it would be foolish to compose such a lengthy note on Facebook at a major traffic intersection - although if you feel comfortable with the image of me seated at the edge of a nice country lane crossroads (the sort that chickens might wander across without their motives being questioned) then please do hold onto that comforting image whilst you read on. I say I am at a crossroads in my life, because - in a moment of clarity - I can quite firmly say that ‘all of these things came before this moment; and all of these other things will forever be after this moment - and that moment in-between quite definitely has changed my life.’ You see in recent years things have very much been in turmoil - I know it might not have appeared like it on the outside - but definitely inside I have been conflicted; an internal battle betwixt my emotions and my rationale. [A rift betwixt my finger

Communication, Communication, Communication

As with pretty much every other article on this website; the discussions I attempt to have relate to my own life in particular - I don’t pretend to know how (or even if) what is being discussed relates to your own life. More to that point - what I’m going to talk about is not directly triggered by a particular event, although it is fair to say that things that I have experienced in recent months have undoubtedly contributed to my latest state of mind. So - bear with me if you will - as I attempt to put into words a personal discussion about that trickiest of human interactions - successful communication: Communication which - and I say this with only the slightest exaggeration - the entire success of the human condition depends upon. - If I asked all of you right now when your last one-on-one human conversation took place (it doesn’t have to be a meaningful one, though - if you’re like me - I would discount conversations in and about your job*), I think I could pu