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Processing On The Fly

And so in the latest display of what a shit-show the world is turning out to be, the hashtag #metoo has been trending on Twitter today. I’m attempting to process that, and no doubt making a mess of it, so as I am likely to be one unnecessary voice on the subject, I’d suggest you stop reading. As I understand it, this hashtag has emerged as a painful reminder (and - unfortunately for most - a revelation) that sexual assault in various forms is far far more common than perhaps is widely reported - certainly the evidence is overwhelming. Instinctively, this is an important subject of discussion. No question. It really feels like this is something that needs to be rooted out, challenged, expunged from the modern world; and yet already I am floundering. I feel bad for making this post that is not purely about this issue - I feel like I am not giving this attention the full attention it deserves. Wouldn’t it be great if everything stopped, and all everyone talked about o