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I Want To Leave

I wrote this very early this morning, and it turned into a fairly fantastical and rambling journey into a somewhat surprising train of thought: What if I turned everything in my life so far, on it’s head? Make of it what you will – but let me know what you make of it. - I want to leave this life of mine behind. And I don’t mean that in the suicidal sense (though I can see how for a few it might) – after all I have a pretty good life as it is: My job is challenging but enjoyable; I have a mortgage and a house; and I have great friends and family who love me. But I still want to leave – and go on a big adventure. I don’t mean one of those bullshit journeys where I travel to the centre of the Congo and “find myself”. I know exactly where I am, and who I am. It’s just that I am tied down to a number of things, that means I can’t run off and do whatever I want, or be wherever I want to be. I guess it’s a natural protection that starts with your parents – they, loving