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Old Website Introduction

In the darkened skies of the inner cosmos; in the place where dragons lie: A lonely muse drifts through the backwaters of the galaxies, singing a sorrowful song. However, her lament does not go unheard – a lost cosmonaut, left for dead to drift in the endless reams of space, rescues the lonely muse from her eternal fate, and returns with her to a land of oceans and of Fixed Rate APRs. Here, they now make music together – a glorious song, proclaiming their newfound joy for the world. And – for many blue moons – all is well for them. Until, in time, the lost cosmonaut returns to the earth from whence he was born, and the muse – distraught and alone once more – returns to the skies to ride the tideless waves of space for all time. Yet – in their precious few years together – they did have a son. One, unearthly son, conceived at the very crux of the symphonies they performed together. One, ungodly son, that was ne’er alike anything before him, yet shaped things irrever