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Another UK General Election, another overwhelming feeling of being let down by the democratic process. Let me get this clear from the start - this is a non-partisan review of the 2015 UK General Election , and why the definition of democracy in Britain continues to bewilder me. According to the BBC News page linked above, the electorate [I.E. those eligible to vote] totals 46 million {okay technically 46,425,386, but I’m going to round to the nearest half-million for the purposes of this blog}. The Conservative Party gained 11.5m votes - that is exactly a quarter of the electorate. And yet, Friday afternoon, David Cameron had a chat with the Queen and subsequently formed a Majority Government. And that’s not just a name - the Conservatives hold just over half the seats in the houses of Parliament (331). Even ignoring the third of the country who chose not to vote, looking at the people who did vote - the Conservatives’ vote share is 37% which is still not a major