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In Search of a Framework

For a long while now I have always carried with me my philosophical groundwork , upon which everything I do is - fundamentally - based. And yet - in terms of practical application - the philosophy is somewhat lacking; you have to accept the gulf between the fundamental reality of - well - reality, and the everyday occurrences in your world that demand attention, sustenance, and contemplation. Now there are myriad of frameworks out there, a fraction of whom I list below: 9-5, mon-fri office job; live for your evenings and weekends a variety of religions familial structures/hierarchies driven by profit/greed live for the music live for the sport engaging in local, regional and national governance online communities as your focus And a lot of these overlap. Some interact rather well. Many are likely adopted by you reading this, and I include myself in that. Or you will have plausible alternatives, when it comes to a way of income, a way of socialising, a way of