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Blown Sky High

Back in the day (when I were a lad), I used to post on internet forums – merrily chatting away on topics close to my heart back then. And then I went and said something stupid; I can’t really recall exactly what I posted, but it offended someone/some people, and I got reprimanded by the moderators. The thing is, I hadn’t meant to actually offend those people that read my post – I was simply posting in the not-quite-real-world of the internet. Some of the anonymity that the web had afforded me, had allowed me to open up my feelings and thoughts – and express ideas that I had never felt comfortable expressing before. And being reprimanded by the moderators really annoyed me. I hadn’t said the things that I said to that person’s face – I hadn’t forced them to accept my opinion using threats of real violence – all that my internet alter-ego had done was to post his controversial opinion, for other internet alter-egos to read and comment on. Despite trying to explain t