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Creating My Narrative

Another blog post, another pretentious title.

And already I am slipping into a familiar vernacular - talking to myself, whilst being aware that I might not be alone and others might be listening.

Yet this is not about my outward narrative. This is not about how I am perceived; this is not what I am about; this is not ‘my jam’; this is not how I want others to remark on my existence (not that I expect that).

This is literally about how I communicate. Or - more accurately - how I am failing to communicate.

Okay, so strictly that isn’t true - quite clearly here I am communicating, possibly adequately, about my current mental hurdle.

But this is the best I can do.

I’m beginning to realise that I am not very good at talking to people.

I rely heavily upon existing tropes, cliches, memes - parroting conversations I have heard from TV, film, theatre, books, radio, and so forth. And the form of my dialogue is deeply rooted in how I was educated, brought up, and socially integrated.

As such, i…