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Random Poetry

Roundabouts, Roundabouts – where will they lead? Mayhap to Altringham, or on to Runnymead. With rings on her fingers and churches nearby, Time hath come to away from you fly. Badgers to this, and clungeflaps to that My arctic circle often talks with your cat. Only in Birmingham will the forsaken lie, Before the fight LANtastic, crosses the darkening sky. - MY SECRET MESSAGE TO THE WORLD [PART ONE] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart didn’t get to where he is today by knitting designer swimwear. Neither did Beethoven. - Cake Cake Cake: It’s all about the Cake! Bishops and Wizards do so at the lake. Armitage Shanks. The Legend of She. Japanese fish in the world’s only sea. Contrary to popular tales of woe, This shark’s craving’s for a children’s show. Mayhap I’m crazy, or talking to walls; All I can see, are marble-decked halls. Cake Cake Cake: unbridled with joy. If only my cateracts didn’t beefeaters employ. - MY SECRET MESSAGE TO THE WORLD [PART TWO] What we say in life, echoes in large caves.