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Take A Moment

  Did you hear...? (Image source: Josh Bowell ) I'm writing this on the morning after Joe Biden was finally confirmed as the 46th President-elect of the United States. It is also the first time in over five months that I have had the mental buoyancy to write a blog. This will be a fairly short post though - but I wanted it to sit as a reminder of where my head is this morning, over and above the last four years: - Right now, I'm happy. This morning I have learnt both the definition and practice of ' joyscrolling ' - if you are anywhere near a device, I can only heartily recommend it. Sure, there will be caveats to come - they've already started - I don't think Biden is going to be the best president; but he will as sure as shit be better than Trump. Coronavirus has not gone away - and it could well get worse over the winter. The Conservative government is still a slippery snake, burying the admittedly positive outcome of yet another BoJo U-turn, right in the mi