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Interview with Tobias Sammet

It’s a cool December morning in the busy streets of London, and I’m travelling on the tube towards my first interview for Metal Monk UK. Luckily I’m set to interview one of my favourite musicians in the world of metal – Tobias Sammet – the enigmatic front-man for Edguy – and also the brains behind most of the song writing for the band. He’s here in the UK to talk about Edguy’s new album ‘Rocket Ride’ [out in the UK on Jan 23rd] and – fortunately for us – he’s in a talkative mood! DS: First of all, thanks for taking time out to speak to us. TS: Thank you. DS: Your new album – Rocket Ride – it’s great – I love it! TS: That’s nice to hear! DS: Right from the opening – ‘Sacrifice’; quite a bold opening track – it seems to me there’s a more personal feel to the album – more so than Hellfire Club. TS: What do you mean more personal feel? DS: Well, Hellfire Club was more about the ‘freak show’, whereas this has more personal tracks like Matrix and The Asylum – part