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An Illusion of Involvement

Back in the Good Old Days™* of the early 2000s I was part of an online community known hereafter as the OceanCrew. As has already been written before now, it was a great group of people (hell, still is). And the best thing about it (well apart from the endless quotes of course) was that we all cared about each other. (Hell, still do). Whenever we logged onto that community (as I did pretty much every day); there was always a familiar username, a friendly avatar, on the forum and in the chat - and when we asked each other ‘how’s your day been?’, it was because we genuinely cared (hell, we still do). *GOD may appear greater than they are - Why bring this up? Well, for me I think that sense of belonging I had with the OceanCrew is akin to what I felt much more recently in the last few years with two relationships in particular. You will notice I said ‘had’ there - not because I don’t consider myself close to the OceanCrew as I once was - but because the reality