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Witty Title Which Aggressively Trivialises the Fraught Complexity of Human Relationships, Helping To Reinforce the Perception of Myself as a Humorous Dismissive of the Importance of Such Relationships, When Really – as I Grow Older – There is Nothing More That I Really Want in My Life

aka “For Fuck’s Sake” This article started out from a discussion of the portrayal of women in both the video games arena (in terms of female characters in games), and the wider perceptions and prejudices held in the world of the geek. The conclusions from this were that, yes, there is an occasionally uncomfortable characterisation of women in the popular media held in such regard by the geek community (computer games, fantasy and sci-fi books, films and tv shows) – and whilst I think the traditionally cited example of Lara Croft as a sex symbol archetype can be justified [ think of her as a female Indiana Jones ], there is no denying that – more often than not – the sex appeal card is played without much regard for the character behind the boobs (sic), and when the game itself isn’t concerned with much beyond the trivial gratification of a beat-em-up, or point and shoot entertainment package, then it is easy to identify where the worryingly default female characterisati