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Filling in the Blanks Pt 2

There’s one of those catchy song snippets that keeps popping up in TV trails (I think it’s for Strictly, but I could be wrong), where the phrase “let’s skip to the good bit”, before something sound remarkably like the riff from EMF’s Unbelievable kicks in. And whilst that sentiment is all very well, female-songstress; it isn’t entirely practical. What I was intending on talking about in my previous blog was the knowledge/experience gaps that are making themselves known to me in my life. Instead I ended up talking about how everyone changes in their personality/outlook/etc. as time advances forward – and how relationships wax and wane between people, depending on where your shared interests (or increasing lack of) take you. - This blog is more about figuring out how to fill in the ‘blanks’ in my life; because despite the aforementioned aphorism – you can’t just skip to the good bit. Yes there are shortcuts that can be bought, or uncovered via the internet –

Filling in the Blanks

Well it seems to be one of those weird days-in-between-days between Christmas and New Year; I’m back home after visiting the parents, but after a few days at work I’m off again for New Year-related shenanigans. So apologies if these thoughts are a little unstructured - but I’d like to throw them out there before I’m distracted again. - I think everyone has an idea of what their complete life looks like. Wait that’s a terrible statement. More accurately, anyone who has filled out an online dating profile starts to get an idea of what they might actually be looking for in terms of a partner, and perhaps what they might want to do and where they might want to go in life (sure, why not, geographically and also metaphysically). Even more accurately - I’ve started to figure out what I might want. Which is a very weird thing to say; seeing as though for a long time in my life I’d decided I knew very much the reality of the universe, and the complete philosophical