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The Beginning of the End

(NB: This is a post about leaving Facebook) Up until recently I already had a limited relationship with Facebook. My news feed was muted, and I only occasionally visited feeds of groups of friends, to catch up on news. In fact, its main purpose was two-fold: Actively manage/participate in Events Repost my Twitter feed onto Facebook Facebook has now stopped doing the latter , so my thoughts on Twitter (which are my stream of consciousness) are no longer transferred onto my Facebook wall. This automatic re-post used to mean when I logged onto Facebook, my notifications were invariably my friends not on Twitter, posting something in response to my Twitter thoughts. Often fun interactions (as on Twitter). Facebook have stopped this happening. - Whilst it would (selfishly) be ‘incredibly convenient’ for those of you that occasionally interact with my Twitter content via Facebook to sign-up to Twitter and follow me, I realise that is an unreasonable ask! Though,