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Was It All A Dream?

A dream is a succession of images, idea, emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntary in the mind during certain stages of sleep. At leas so begins the article on Wikipedia... In which case, a few months ago I had a quite spectacular dream.. It started as I drifted to sleep with a partner in a bedroom in Oxfordshire... We were both driven in a taxi, with a lizard for a driver, to a large building known as 'Heath's Row'; where we relaxed with free food and drinks for a few hours, before being taken by conveyor to a large rounded tube with fins, that flew across an entire ocean. Once the ocean had been crossed, we were greeted by a fiery-eyed horse and dramatic lightning/lighting; and also by ever kind of cab driver - none of whom were originally from where we now were. After taking spicy chicken treats from Wendy who's name was not Wendy, we then drifted to an apartment who's door did not work previously (yet still opened), and now op