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Joie de vivre

As a few of you may know, I decided to have my own mini-adventure for my 33rd birthday. (photo-heavy post ahoy!) My journey starts at the Grand Depart in Leeds - apt given that my destination was France… {A brief history - my cousin married a french woman 6 years ago, and I met one of her best friends - Laurence - at their wedding, and we have kept in touch ever since. Laurence herself is getting married later this year, but now she and her fiance Laurent have a place of their own - with guest bedrooms! - I was invited to go and stay…} Thursday Stepping off the plane in Nantes I was pleasantly surprised as to how warm it was. ‘Unseasonably warm’, was the verdict we came to. For the first few hours of my stay, we did nothing out of the ordinary - and yet because the surroundings were new and unusual, whilst we drove back to their house, stopped off for bread, ate a steak lunch, then headed into town and parked in a multi-storey - there was already a surre