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I Am Pretty Angry Right Now

This will be more of a Public Service Announcement than my usual blog, but it's important I put this out there. I'm pretty angry for two reasons: 1) Quite simply, the current political climate in the UK. I'm not going to go into much detail on here, because I suspect a large number of you reading this are already way ahead of me. But - in short (and most currently; I am sure there will be more in the months and years to come) - when the current Prime Minister is found to have behaved unlawfully by the highest court in the land; and - rather than admit a fault, maybe even apologise - he has decided to publicly disagree with the court's decision, and allowed the questioning of an institution that cannot fight back. He has also allowed rhetoric in the House of Commons, which is inevitably spilling out into the press and into the minds of some hardline Brexiteers, which will not only foster division amongst the population - but potentially endanger the liv