I Am Pretty Angry Right Now

This will be more of a Public Service Announcement than my usual blog, but it's important I put this out there.

I'm pretty angry for two reasons:

1) Quite simply, the current political climate in the UK. I'm not going to go into much detail on here, because I suspect a large number of you reading this are already way ahead of me.
But - in short (and most currently; I am sure there will be more in the months and years to come) - when the current Prime Minister is found to have behaved unlawfully by the highest court in the land; and - rather than admit a fault, maybe even apologise - he has decided to publicly disagree with the court's decision, and allowed the questioning of an institution that cannot fight back.
He has also allowed rhetoric in the House of Commons, which is inevitably spilling out into the press and into the minds of some hardline Brexiteers, which will not only foster division amongst the population - but potentially endanger the lives of MPs. Not long after an MP was murdered by a right-wing extremist, even before Brexit came to such a hothouse crossroads.

2) I'm angry that all of the above is making me angry.
I'm not normally an angry or even violent person; but the fact that I've been unwillingly led into this pandora's box scenario, that can only end in a loss of accountability/transparency for those in power - and the culprits getting away with it, and making a tidy profit no doubt.
Just typing this is getting me frustrated.
I shouldn't have to spend my daily life focusing on all the shit that is happening in British politics right now. But I can't get away from it. It is too big for me to ignore. In fact, as someone who is privileged to be able to ride out some hardships (though not all) if we crash out of the EU without a deal - I want to use my position to do what I can to help.
In what capacity I don't yet know; but an uncertain future is on my mind.


Why am I mentioning all of this?

Well, by way of an advance apology for my future behaviour. I'm going to get frustrated, angry, short-fused, ill-tempered as we get closer and closer to - currently - Brexit day. And - sadly - for likely many many years beyond that.

So I'm giving you all the heads up here, to allow you to decide if you want to mute me on Social Media for a while (or forever!); I honestly won't take offence - I know that things are going to get more unbearable for me, and I have to use Twitter etc. to vent, but I know I vent sporadically and in all kinds of directions. So if that's not your thing, I will completely understand if you step away from my Social Media for a while.

More importantly though, I don't want to piss of my friends unnecessarily. So if you feel I'm stepping over a line in either something I say to you, or post online - please do call me out on it.

The biggest bugbear I have with Brexit and all that surrounds it is how divisive it has become; and how pervasive it is in everyday life.
And the knowledge that things are only going to get worse (with no apparent way forward, an no way of keeping those in power in check), just adds to the frustration.


I'm off for a lie-down in a darkened room now, for - oooooo - 48 years...


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