A to Z of Great 21st Century Films

A while ago” (apparently more than a year!), I drew up a list of Great 21st Century films.
And almost immediately, it was gently (and inevitably) pointed out that I’d forgotten some…

So in commemoration of my viewing of Interstellar later, here is a more comprehensive list.
Because, LISTS!
  • * - 28 Days Later {many many zombies later}; (500) Days of Summer {because Zooey}; 8 Women {French femme fatales}
  • A - Adapatation {written genius}; A History of Violence {that’s no Aragorn}; Almost Famous {mythical rock and roll coming-of-age}; Amelie {fabulous French fantasy}; Aristocrats (The) {the dirtiest joke - and my introduction to Sarah Silverman}; A Royal Affair {period perfection}; Atonement {exactly as the title says}
  • B - Bandits {old school Hollywood old guard fun}; Be Kind Rewind {brilliant remix}; Bourne (trilogy, The) {superb spying}; Black Book {roll over Verhoven}; Black Snake Moan {Ricci & revalation}; Borat {yakshemash!}; Bubba Ho-Tep {Bruce almighty}; Buffalo Soldiers {the Phoenix is rising}
  • C - Casino Royale {Bond is back and playing cards}; Cast Away {Hanks adrift}; Children of Men {‘The Possibility of Hope’ on the 2nd DVD disc is a must watch}; Closer {relationship masterpiece}; Cloud Atlas {just a wonderfully new sci-fi journey}; Cornetto (trilogy, The) {a perfect Brit-comedy trilogy}; Crank {insane non-stop craziness}
  • D - Dark Knight (trilogy) {Nolan’s brooding epic}; District 9 {off-beat sci-fi back to its roots}; Downfall {bunker-based brilliance}
  • E - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind {a lucid love story}; Exit Through the Gift Shop {off-the-wall 'documentary’?}
  • F - Fantastic Mr. Fox {fantastic twist on Dahl}; Finding Nemo {amazing aquatics}; Four Lions {rubber dinghy rapids}
  • G - Garden State {unconventional musings}; Gladiator {still the greatest epic}; Gosford Park {perfectly precise pomp}; Gravity (3D) {one giant leap for cinematography}
  • H - Hanna {a unique thriller}; Holy Rollers {um, well, um….}
  • I - In Bruges {it’s got fucking swans}; In The Loop {fuckity-bye, special relationship}
  • J - Jacket (The) {an odd premise, but it works}
  • K - Kill Bill Vol 1&2 {tremendous tarantino at his most theatrical}; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang {Downey Junior’s renaissance with BATMAN}
  • L - Layer Cake {Craig’s pre-bond thriller}; Lives of Others (The) {dark European past - still relevent}; Lord of the Rings (trilogy) {one fantasy epic to rule them all}; Lucky Number Slevin {an unconventional crime caper}
  • M - Master (The) {masterful performances in a cultish nightmare}; Match Point {wonderful Woody’s Wimbledon}; Me, Myself and Irene {Carrey’s best flat-out comedy since dumb & dumber}; Monster’s Inc. {put that thing back where it came from…}; Moulin Rouge {magical musical tour}; Munich {more of European history’s dark past}
  • N - No Country For All Men {America’s dark place}
  • O - One Night at McCools {has a certain charm}
  • P - Pan’s Labyrinth {del Toro’s dark place}; Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl {the original and best}; Prestige (The) {magic in every sense}; Pride and Prejudice {English excellence}; Primer {realistic time-travel}; Prometheus {beautiful sci-fi reborn}
  • R - Raid (The) {martial artistry perfection}; Requiem for a Dream {pretentious anti-drug presentation}
  • S - Secretary {off-beat office drama(!)}; Senna {the greatest - told through time}; Shoot 'Em Up {utterly silly kick-back fun}; Shortbus {explicitly express yourself}; Sideways {fucking Merlot}; Sin City {black and white brilliance}; Snatch {do you like dags?}; Sunshine {understated sci-fi}
  • T - Talk To Her {amazing Almodovar}; Tangled {old-school Disney back in the new world}; Team America {fuck yeah}; Tideland {Gilliam’s darkest descent}
  • V - Vicky Cristina Barcelona {three peerless leads}
  • W - Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit {utterly magical British brilliance}; Watchmen {comic book copy book brought alive}
  • Y - Y Tu Mama Tambien {what’s that another coming-of-age masterpiece?}
  • Z - Zero Theorem {Gilliam still has his genius}; Zombieland {Twinkies never die}
So, let’s have it - what have I missed? What shouldn’t be on here? What do these things even matter?


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