2020 Vision

Given that most people are still operating on a Gregorian calendar, I thought I would borrow a current popular phrase and speak to what I am looking forwards with, at this point in time.

And - specifically - how I am planning on achieving this.

In preparation, I have cleared the white board in my office, and written up a number of lists:
  • House Plan
  • Things I CAN Influence
  • Things BEYOND My Control
  • I MUST Do
  • Projects
The first is perhaps the most obvious; there are several things I plan to do in my own house which wouldn't necessarily concern you; unless I happen to invite you around for a cup of tea and a jaffa cake.

The next two are perhaps the most important ones from a 'way of thinking going forward' perspective: 
There is a lot of noise in my world at the moment - and I recognise the internet's prominent role in that - and I need to start managing what gets 'in' and what stays 'out'.

So I am starting to list those things that I can have some influence on - I'm thinking either things directly relating to my own self; but - more importantly with regards to the immediate world around me: The people I spend my time with; their health (both physical and mental); and what I can do to improve our general quality of life.

The 2nd part is clearly stating what I cannot change (at least in terms of any significance). That would be things like the current UK government; Trump, the UK press; capitalism; etc. etc.
And yes, I know I can do things that start to make changes - Make Votes Matter is an example currently on my mind at the moment - but the list is a more general list that is designed to stop me from worrying or getting affected by big stuff I literally have no means of changing.


The final 2 entries are a bit more straight-forward - there are certain things I have to do from time-to-time (currently I need to MOT and service my car!) - and then there are my projects.

Whilst I'm not going to share the full list of projects, I can tell you that the Ministry of Ginger is absolutely on there.


I'm hoping that by having this wall of thought in my computer/piano room will serve as some sort of focus over the coming months and years - and I wondered if this might serve others who read this as a template for thinking about things going forward.

I know there are other guides out there - some more comprehensive and formed; like bullet journals - but for me, right now; this is what works.

Wishing you all the best...


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